Block Party Guidelines

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Last updated May 2021



  • 1)    Any church in Enon Association may check out the BPT, provided at least one person from the church has attended the annual BP training class provided by Enon.
  • 2)    Only the trained person(s) from the church may check out the BPT. The church is responsible for pickup, transport, and re-delivery. Verify return date and location upon pickup.
  • 3)    The BPT is available on a first come-first served basis. Summer VBS reservations will be taken after April 1. During times of heavy usage, a church may only reserve the trailer for 2 consecutive days initially. As the reservation date approaches, you may check with the Enon office to see if any additional churches have reserved it for the week. If not, you may request additional days.
  • 4)    Popcorn and Snow-cone machines are provided. Each church must provide their own supplies (popcorn, ice, cups, bags, syrup, etc.) and must clean the machines before they are returned.
  • 5)    The trailer must not leave the state of Oklahoma. It is primarily for use by ENON churches and must have written permission to be used otherwise.
  • 6)    Please keep the equipment with its designated game. Footballs, darts, soccer balls, basketballs, and t-ball equipment needs to stay at that station and not to be thrown or used in the church yard or anywhere else. Other churches will use this after you and will want all the equipment in order for their use.
  • 7)    Thoroughly clean and dry all equipment after use. Return games and equipment to the correct bin in the trailer.



  • 1)    Anchor the inflatables properly. If you are outside the stakes are the safest route to go. All straps on inflatables must be anchored. Anchor inflatables on grass with tarps down for outside use. Avoid using inflatables on gravel, asphalt, or concrete outside. Concrete is fine for inside use.
  • 2)    Use only the provided heavy gauge yellow cords for the blowers. Do not use a generator! Do not put two blowers on the same circuit.  Never use over 100 ft. of extension cord. If you fail to observe either of these rules, you will most likely burn out the motors! Always use the provided GFI plugs. (Ground Fault)
  • 3)    ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT EVERY STATION AT ALL TIMES. Equipment must not be unattended. Supervisors need to familiarize themselves with the manufacturer’s safety information on the game they will supervise. Safety information for each game is accessible on our web site.
  • 4)    Do not use any equipment that appears damaged. If inflatables are losing air – they must not be used. Please notify Enon immediately if any equipment is damaged or missing (580-223-5519). Leave a message and we will address the issue.
  • 5)    Weather: If lightning is visible, shut down anything electrical. Wait at least 30 minutes after last lightning strike to turn blowers back on. Do not operate in the rain. Wind speed cannot exceed 20 mph to use the inflatables.
  • 6)    Instructions for folding and storing the inflatables are included in your product literature. PLEASE fold them properly and tightly being considerate of the next church.
  • 7)    Should a participant vomit or bleed on equipment, report to person in charge of the event and assist with clean up. Discontinue use until all body fluids have been removed and the area is disinfected.
  • 8)    Do not allow children/youth to jump, climb, or be on inflatable equipment. Have adults get hula-hoops off the inflatable. Children will want to climb on or get in the inflatables, but this will tear up the equipment.
  • 9)    When playing t-ball, keep everyone clear of the batter.

Trailer Instructions

  • 1)    Hitch ball requirement is 2 5/8” ball. Trailer will bounce off with any other size ball.
  • 2)    We recommend a ¾ ton truck or larger to pull trailer.
  • 3)    Proper light hook-ups are required. Do not pull trailer without lights even in daytime.
  • 4)    Put blocks behind wheels so trailer will not roll.






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